Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trouble with Give-A-Way Comments

Some of you are having trouble posting a comment for the Give-A-Way. I really have no idea why... but asked by smart and talented sister in law who suggested that there may be issues with the setting on your firewall protection or with the search engine that you are using. That is really all Greek to me. If you continue to have problems posting comments feel free to email me and I'll keep a list and assign you a number so you aren't left out of the drawing. If anyone has the answer feel free to post a comment :) Thanks!


lvs2dance said...

Ok...I am a newbie to your site and WOW! I love EVERYTHING! How amazingly talented you are. Right now I am totally coveting your sewing machine and the creative juices that you have flowing through your body!!! I can only cross my fingers that I will win that ADORABLE purse! Do you mind if I add your link to my site so that I can check back often to see what new creations you have posted? amazing!

Amanda said...

Hey Amy you have a bad link that you sent, I was having trouble too but figuared out that the link should be
After I opened your page that way I was able to post a comment

Nana Nancy said...

Becky, you are so creative! I love your log that Julia has shared with me. the Purses are so original and out beat the placemat purses of old=)
I love the cooking apron and the black, pink and white items you created. Keep up the good work and good luck with your new business..
Nancy Glazier (Julia's mom)

Jenn and Rich said...

I want to be entered into your contest. I'm friends with Becky.My name is Jennifer Johnson. How much do you charge for these bags otherwise? my email is

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!
I've seen several of your creations, but after browsing through all of these examples . . .WOW!! Fantastic gift ideas. I'm sure you'll be getting some of my Christmas budget:-)
PS I DO enjoy and love my purse and bag soooo much!!

Hil said...

hi sis i finally got to the internet!!!! YAY wish you were here too in the lovely Canada :) its been fun I MISS YOU ALL!!!! how are the kids? how is Sadie she hasnt been getting into trouble has she? ;) haha well here is my post cuz you know how much i loooooove your purses and other things and how much i LOOOOOOVE my big sister hehe (i especially love your new one with the swirls) that is flipping adorable ill be sure to post you later :) or is this just a one post thing cuz if not then ill post like 5 more times hehehe jk i dont have that much time on my hands....or do i? LOVE YOU say hello to everyone for me

<3 hil.

Hil said...

hey sis,
told ya i'd be back :) its friday and no one seems to want to leave here so i think you just might have to adopt sadie hehe jusssst kiddding!! but it is really beautiful here you should definately go some time. i also had a question. you know those track jackets those REALLY nice ones? like my italian one that i have? anyway could you embroider letters on the front of one? im not asking as like a favor or anything just curious in case for future ideas :) whens your contest over too??.... sunday right? well hope things are good and everyone is safe talk to you soon :)

<3 always