Saturday, November 22, 2008


For those that didn't get to see the placemat purses and apron from the Heather's raffle drawing here are a few pictures.

This bag says "If you'll be my Edward I'll be your Bella". I lined it with a black and white geometric fabric and added an interior pocket. The red ribbons are removable... but thought that they were so cute on this bag.

This bag is made of red corduroy with a black lining. It says "Fanpire I'm a Twilight Girl".

Unfortunately my full length picture of the apron didn't turn out... but I found this cute vintage style apron and added Bella's Kitchen to the front.
Thanks Heather for planning such a fun evening. It was fun designing a few Twilight inspired items.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Dear Fellow Twilight Fans,
I know that some of you are here for a sneak peek at the give-a-way that will take place at Friday's Twilight Movie Extravaganza. Unfortunately my contract clearly states that I can not reveal anything. That Heather is a tough chick! So check back on Saturday and I'll have all the information and pictures. Aren't you so excited! See you all on Friday.


The Ashlynn Placemat Purse

I can't wait to see Ashlynn carring this around.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The JoJo

I have been trying to play catch up for the past few weeks as I have gone back to work. Here are a few of the projects that I have finished. Hopefully I will be done in a few more weeks and ready to take on more orders. Thanks for being patient!

I know that most of my posts tell you how I love how projects turn out. But when I say that I love this bag.... it is true love. It is a new design that I will affectionately call the JoJo. It is a BIG bag that I am sure could truly fit everything you could possibly want to take, including the baby if need be. One of the fun things about this bag is that is doesn't resemble a traditional diaper bag. So for all you gals out there that don't need a diaper bag... this is for you. It is a sling style with two handles. You can tell from the second picture that the side of each handle is very wide and become narrow at the shoulder. There are three pockets inside. One medium and two deep, narrow pockets. This could easily be made into two pockets... one medium and one XL. For this particular bag I used corduroy for the top band and handles and cute Amy Butler fabric for the outside and lining.

I also experimented with a changing pad. I used a thin layer of vinyl over the decorative fabric and a striped chenille on the back with a ribbon tie. It also has fleece in the middle for some padding. I also tried a new shape for the bib. It is a bit smaller and shorter than the other bibs that I have made.

Asian Inspired Gift Set

This set included a tote bag, blanket, security blanket, onesie and bib.

The Colored Pencil Roll

My nephew Jedrek, had his 8th birthday a few weeks back. I was worried that the crayon roll would be too young for him so I altered the design and made it for colored pencils.

The Slimline Messenger

I had a request for the messenger bag but less bulky and less "diaper bag". So I made the messenger a bit smaller and thinner and left the outside side pocket off. I was really happy with the finished product. I thought that the size was perfect for an everyday bag and don't you love the Amy Butler fabric!

The Necktie in Blue

I have been loving experimenting with different colors on the necktie. So far I have made them in brown and blue, blue and yellow, blue and white, and white on white.

Diaper Clutch

This little bag is the perfect size for carrying a few diapers and a travel wipe case. It's for those trips when you don't need your entire bag and will help keep the diaper bag organized too!

Nathan Quilted Blocks