Saturday, November 22, 2008


For those that didn't get to see the placemat purses and apron from the Heather's raffle drawing here are a few pictures.

This bag says "If you'll be my Edward I'll be your Bella". I lined it with a black and white geometric fabric and added an interior pocket. The red ribbons are removable... but thought that they were so cute on this bag.

This bag is made of red corduroy with a black lining. It says "Fanpire I'm a Twilight Girl".

Unfortunately my full length picture of the apron didn't turn out... but I found this cute vintage style apron and added Bella's Kitchen to the front.
Thanks Heather for planning such a fun evening. It was fun designing a few Twilight inspired items.

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Ruthie Girl said...

So cute! I didn't get one, but I did think it was the best night ever. I love Twilight.