Saturday, October 3, 2009

Black and White revealed

Well Kat was right. It was a tote bag (of course). I also made a diaper clutch to match. My orders for this bag were to make it not too fancy, so I had to leave the ribbon accent and embroidery off. But I still think that it turned out pretty nice. I'm loving the new Michael Miller fabric.
P.S. The black, white and red have put me in the mood for Twilight.
P.S.S. Stay tuned for something entirely new.


Strong Family said...

LOVE it!!! That is great fabric. I need to order a diaper clutch to match my tote bag. Can't wait to see the eniterly new thing :)

Beverlie said...

Can't thank you enough, Amy. My sister loved it! I know that it was hard to keep it simple, but the fabric itself was so beautiful and the added red gave it just the right "splash". It was sooo perfect for her!

Kat said...

Fab, FAB, FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I love it! I think that I am just a big fan of black, white, and red. It looks so awesome!