Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Brown and Green... I just can't get enough- Revised

I always tend to gravitate towards brown and green. This client gave me NO direction but simply said you pick everything. So it wasn't a huge surprise that these fabrics were the winners.

I received this comment about this bag and had to share:

"I ended up flying to MD last minute this past weekend & was able to give my granny her b-day gift myself this morning, & the bag you made was a ridiculous hit! Before I even gave it to her I saw a strange yellow bag with the old "Mason's Great Granny" cut out of her old (worn beyond recognition) bag & stapled to it because she loved it so much she wanted to continue using it as much she could. Little did I realize how perfect the timing was for the replacement bag! My grandma about DIED when she opened her present & saw the NEW bag - the colors were perfect, the plastic bottom was perfect - she adores the keychain holder & the snap - this is just PERFECT & she is in heaven. With everything going on with my gramps, this has proven to be a lovely, perfect, unexpectedly wicked distraction - and it's so damned perfect! Thank you so much!"

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